Underground Warriors is a turn based combat game which includes both PVE (Player vs Environment — non-player characters) and PVP (Player vs Player) options (after level 12). Players take turns inflicting damage to each other, the winner determined by defeating (reducing HP to 0) the other player.
Each character has 1 standard attack and 3 special skills which can be used during their turn. Special skills consume skill points — a player starts the match with 6 points and 1 point is replenished every 2 turns of attacking.

Elemental Strengths/Weaknesses

The mechanics for elemental combat is as follows:
  • Elements strong against other player = damage * 130%
  • Elements weak against other player = damage * 80%

Critical Hits

Critical hits will result in up to 160% damage increase, critical hits will be colored yellow during combat.


Defense mitigates incoming damage taken. It is calculated as 40% of the defense stat.
Player damage mitigation = (defense stat * 40) / 100


This is a chance to “dodge” incoming attacks. This is shown as a percentage and applied to incoming damage as a chance to take no damage.


UW characters have stamina, which allows them to fight 10 times in a 24 hours period. If you run out of stamina you can no longer fight and need to rest until the next day — resets at 00:00 UTC

Logging Combat Events

An event log in the middle of the screen shows the history of previous attacks including damage done.